Welcome to ICEMS2020-Hamamatsu, Japan.
The Industry Applications Society of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ) proudly announces that the 23rd International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS2020) is held during November 24-27, 2020, in Hamamatsu, Japan. It is our great pleasure to invite you to ICEMS2020-Hamamatsu. Started in Beijing in 1987, the ICEMS is now established as a regular annual event, and is regarded as one of the authentic international conferences steeped in tradition. ICEMS2020 provides you with opportunities for scientists and experts to present the latest research achievements in the field of electrical machines and their related systems (electrical rotating and other machines, motor drives, power electronics, motion control systems, and more). The conference is an excellent opportunity to exchange useful information and experiences not only in cutting-edge technologies but also in application specific technical fields. The venue of ICEMS2020 is ACT CITY Hamamatsu, which is a symbol of the city aspiring to establish itself as the “Heart City of Music” and the “Heart City of Automotive Industry.” We hope that you can enjoy yourselves in varieties of social events as well as technical sessions in the conference. We are really looking forward to seeing every one of you in Hamamatsu, Japan in autumn, 2020.
Conference Chair and
Steering Committee Chair
Prof. Toshihiko Noguchi
Shizuoka University  
Organizing Committee
Prof. Katsumi Yamazaki
Chiba Institute of Technology
International Steering
Committee Chair
Prof. Hiroyuki Ohsaki
The University of Tokyo 
Technical Program
Committee Chair
Prof. Shu Yamamoto
Polytechnic University
・ Permanent Magnet Motors and Drives
・ Permanent Magnet Generator Systems
・ Induction Machines and Drives
・ AC/DC Machines and Drives
・ Synchronous Machines and Drives
・ Reluctance Machines and Drives
・ Linear Drives and Magnetic Levitations
・ Special Machines and Actuators
・ Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Drives
・ Transformers and Power Apparatus
・ Magnetics and Field Analysis
・ Magnetic and Insulation Materials
・ Noise, Vibration, EMI and EMC
・ Manufacturing, Testing and Standards
・ Power Converters
・ Motion Control and Servo Systems
・ Sensorless Control
・ Renewable Energy Systems
・ Automotive Power Electronics
・ Batteries Modeling and Management,
 and Energy Storage Systems
・ Transportation and Other Applications
・ Reliability and Diagnostics
・ Machine System Modeling
・ Energy Efficiency Systems
・ Cooling Technologies
・ Electrical Engineering Education
・ Other Related Topics